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Nathan harris


Can I get pink eye sharing food?

I know that pink eyes are contagious. So, can i get pink eyes if i share food with my friend who has pink eyes?
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  • Alexia gerard


    Pink eyes do not spread through food, the most common way for pink eye to spread is through touch, but it can also can get infected through coughing and sneezing. So, you can not get infected by share food with your friend who has pink eyes, but you may get infected through touch her/him or though her/his coughing or sneezing.
  • manny


    Yes, you may get pink eyes if you share food with someone with pink eyes because of the contagious character of the eye disease of pink eyes. And if he/she touch the food, it may transmission you some bacterial, thus cause pink eyes. Once you get the pink eyes, you should better not appear in the public place which will make your friends get infection easily. You should accept the treatment to cure the pink eyes as soon as possible.
  • copyofme


    I think it will depend, because there are many reasons why the people get the pink eyes. That is to say, when pinkeye is caused by bacteria or viral infections, and you have touched the food of the infected ones or something else the infected ones have touched and then you use your own hands to touch your eyes, then the pink eyes will infect with you, because the bacteria have got to your hand then get into your eyes. If the food you eat did not get the bacteria, then of course you will not get the pink eyes. Besides the food, I think you had better pay more attention to the articles for daily use, because the pink eyes will be get infected if you use the articles for daily use, like the towel, from the infected ones, then you will must catch the pink eyes. Good luck and hope my ideas are helpful.

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