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Andrew bell


Is it possible to naturally lighten your eye color?

I want to light my eye color. How can i achieve it? Is there any natural way to help me lighten eyes?
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  • Audrey


    I think the eye color will change slowly with our age. When you get older, the color of your eyes will be lighter. It is a natural process and usually won't hurt us. I heard that we can change our eye color by apply lemon juice. But I think it is not a good way for lemon juice contains acid which will hurt our eyes. So don't do such silly things. However, you can buy color contacts to change your eye color.
  • Jocelyn


    I heard that honey can help lighten our eye color. We just need to buy some honey from a nearby supermarket and have a try. We can put a drop into our eye and then blink several times. It can clean our eye with natural organic peroxide. but you will get the effect after years of using it in this way.

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