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Does prince william wear glasses?

I heard that prince william wears glasses. Is that true? What kind of glasses does he wear?
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  • etilnus


    "Prince William had to use a loophole to fulfil his dream of being an RAF pilot — because he wears glasses." You can see such a sentence on many sites, such as, when you search information about Prince William.So it is true that Prince William wears glasses. Zara is William's favorite brand. This brand is famous for unique frames and superior materials and good customer service and resonable prices.
  • manny


    Yes, he wears the eyeglasses with black frames with square lenses. He looks so wise and handsome when wearing the eyeglasses. If you have interests on this type, you could go to their online stores to have a look. The quality there is good and the design there is perfect.
  • walkingaround


    Well, as far as I know, there is simply no evidence that could prove William wears contact lenses. From what I can see, there are simply no a sign of that he wears contacts, because he served in the army once upon a time. Therefore, he should have got a good vision. Maybe you are quite into beautiful contact lenses, and then try to visit Ebay and Alibaba, where you can see all types of nice contact lenses.