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How to Get Rid of Floaters in the Eye?

I have some eye floaters in my vision. Some people told me that it is not a big problem and they will disappear on its own. Really? How to get rid of them quickly? Can you give me some suggestions?
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  • steven


    You can take herbal remedies such as milk thistle seed to treat your eye floaters. It is said that increase blood flow can help flush out the felatinous protein from the vitreous. You can try ginkgo biloba, lysine and bilberry for some of they can widen blood vessels or improve our eyesight. But most floaters will reduce on their own over a period of time, you just need to wait and see.
  • Geoff Beckett


    One of the potential irritants for eye floaters is stress. If you want to get rid of floaters in the eye, you can find some ways to reduce your stress. People find it helpful to prayer or spending time in the outside can manage the practicing stress. I think daily exercise like Pilates, yoga or Tai Chi can also help reduce our stress and help us develop a relaxing lifestyle. And we can see less floaters in our vision.

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