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Who can't wear contact lenses?

Are contact lenses available for everyone? Or who can't wear contact lenses?
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  • James


    No, contacts are not available for everyone. First of all, people who have some eye diseases cannot wear contacts, such as people with conjunctivitis, keratitis, trachoma, dacrycystitis, and those who got their lacrimal passage blocked, who has low secretion of tears, who are monocular, and so on. Secondly, people who have systemic diseases such as serious nervousness, sensitive to eye hurt, nasosinusitis, gestation, diabetes mellitus, etc., cannot wear contacts. When people are in abominable conditions such as sandy and windy, dusty, and volatile acid-bases should not wear contacts in case of eye infection. And contacts are especially not available for adolescents. They are still in the period of upgrowth, and wearing contacts will lead to their cornea anoxia as well as impediment in physical metobolic. In addition, people who are more than forty years old should gradually give up wearing contacts, because their eye organizations begin to degenerate at this age, and the ability of the eye balls to endure anoxia also degenerates. People whose age are between 40 and 60 can only wear contacts for a short time if must. And people who are over 60 years old should better wear prebyopic glasses.
  • Christopher


    Contact lenses is available for most of the people. But if you are sensitivities to wearing contact lenses, it will be hard to choose contact lenses. And if the fit is wrong, you can get irritation in your eyes. And for some people, because of their working condition, they can not wear contact lenses, such as swimmers, astronauts and those people who are working in very cold place, such as North Pole.
  • David garcia


    Of course contact lenses is not available for everyone. The one who has some eye diseases can't wear contact lenses, such as blepharitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis and trachoma. Besides, those who suffer from diabetes, Arthritis, sinusitis and Pregnant women should not wearing contact lenses. Finally, children under 6 and the old over 40 had better not wear it. By the way, if you want to wear contact lenses, you must pay more attention to your personal hygiene, and clean it regularly, or it may lead some bad effects to your health.