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Are all contact lenses the same thickness?

I just want to know if all contact lenses has the same thickness? Or the higher the prescription, the thicker the lenses?
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  • Melanie


    Certainly not. Different kinds of contact lenses are of different thickness. Firstly, it is necessary to understand what exactly the concept of "thickness" of a contact lens is. Actually, the thickness of a contact lens means the thickness of central point of the lens. This is because contact lenses are of arc shape which possesses different thickness around a lens. The higher the degree of the contact lens is, the thicker the lenses is, and the worse the oxygen permeability the lens is. So if you are a high-degree nearsighted person, it is better to choose the contact lenses that are highly water-contained and with highly oxygen permeability. But if your eyes easily become dry, then you had better choose lowly water-contained contacts, so that the lenses will absorb less tears in your eyes, hence leaving more tears to moist your cornea. The normal thickness of contacts is 0.04-0.09 mm and the ideal thickness for contacts is 0.04 to 0.06mm. Less than 0.04mm is ultrathin, and more than 0.09mm is thick. Thin contacts possess high water and make you feel comfortable, but your eyes will easily get dry. Besides, thin contacts are fragile and easily change their shape to the shape of cornea.
  • lampo


    The thicknesses of all contact lenses are not the same. Generally, the contact lenses are thicker if the prescription is higher. The lenses are designed to be lenticular when the prescription reaches a certain level. To be lenticulated means that the lenses will be higher in prescription in the center therefore to make the brink of the lenses as thin as possible. But, the lenses are still very thick in the center or thicker in the mid-periphery. However, the lower prescription contact lenses are made to be thick to be stiff enough for the eyes. Material is also a decisive element in the thickness of the lenses.
  • chloe


    you just need to ask your manufacturer company what is the right thickness for you using your prescription
  • Hebbe


    The fact is that different contact lenses have different thickness. Notice that usually, when we say the thickness of contact lenses, we refer to the thickness of the central point of a pair of contact lenses. If the central point thickness is thinner than 0.04mm, the contact lenses belong to ultra-thin type. While if the thickness is between 0.04 and 0.09, the contact lenses are standard. Then the central point thickness is thicker than 0.09mm, the contact lenses belong to thick type. Thin contact lenses have higher oxygen permeability and are more comfortable, but it can get dry easily. If your eyes gets dry easily, you should choose thick contact lenses. Generally speaking, the contact lenses are more ideal when the thickness of them is between 0.04mm and 0.06mm.
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