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Zoe may


Why are my eyes swollen after crying?

I have swollen eyes after crying. I look so ugly with swollen eyes. Can you tell me why my eyes are swollen after crying? How to relieve my swollen eyes? Any ideas?
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  • J Bell


    Dear friend, it is a common problem for most people. Usually it will take few hours or one night to recover. We needn't apply special treatment for this kind of swollen eyes. You should drink plenty of water after crying. However, if you rub your eyes with dirty hands and have an eye infection at the same time, you may need to see a doctor immediately.
  • Alexandra


    You can use cucumber slices to treat with your swollen eyes. When you are cry, there are large quantities of water production. This will make the tissues around our eyes swollen. And you need to strain your eye muscles a lot or rub your eyes when crying. these will lead to swollen eyes. You can also use tea bags or ice to help with swollen eyes.

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