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Can contact lenses cause uveitis?

I heard that long time wearing contact lenses can cause some infection. So, can wearing contact lenses cause uveitis?
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  • b1g_head


    Yes, wearing contact lenses may cause the uveitis because the bacterium may easily come into the eyes. According to the etiology, the reasons of uveitis can be divided into two categories of infectious and non-infectious, which include bacteria, fungi, pallidum, virus infections caused by parasites. And the latter one includes idiopathic autoimmune, rheumatoid disease, traumatic camouflage syndrome and so on. Such wearing the contact lenses may easily let the eyes get the infection or inflammation. Thus, you should stop wearing them.
  • Savannah


    Not exactly. Generally speaking, uveitis is an internal inflammation of the eye. There are five symptoms of uveitis: eye redness and irritation, blurred vision, eye pain, increased sensitivity to light, floating spots before the eyes. However, uveitis has many potential causes, for instance, infection with a virus, fungus, bacteria, parasite, inflammatory disease affecting other parts of the body, or injury to the eye. And wearing contact lenses may cause uveitis. If you wear high qualities and tech contact lenses and wash clean your hands before wearing lenses, you can reduce the rate of eye infection. is a great site that offer much information about uveitis.
  • Kimberly


    Uveitis has many potential causes, including infection with a virus. Other potential causes include fungus, bacteria, parasite, inflammatory disease affecting other parts of the body, or injury to the eye. So the infection caused by wearing your contact lenses can more likely cause uveitis. BTW, you cannot wear contacts too long, you will damage your eyes. Buy contact solution to soak them in overnight. Your eyes hurt and feel itchy when they are dry, you should buy eye drops also.
  • Michale Ussery


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