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Zoe may


Does anyone know are squinty eyes hereditary?

Are squinty eyes hereditary? I mean if my baby has squinty eyes if i have?
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  • creationfest


    It is not 100% sure to say that the squinty eyes are hereditary. That is to say, your baby may not own the squinty eyes because you have. However, if she or he gets, she or he can get well by the after period treatment in the daily life. Let him or her eat more food with vitamin A to help the eye vision.
  • carpediem__


    As a matter of fact, squint eyes are hereitary indeed. However, your baby's squint eyes may be not caused by you, I mean, in your family the one that has squint eyes will inherited to the next generation or the second generation. Best way to learn about squint eyes is to visit a doctor and make a consultant.
  • Kaylee tuener


    Well, yes, squint eyes are hereditary, in some degree. So maybe your child can have it, if you have. Even if there are many people who have hereditary squint eyes, excessive sunlight exposure could also result in squinting. And then squinting can cause wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. So for this, you'd better apply a good, high-SPF sunscreen, and wear a hat or sunglasses to minimize squinting, when going out. And also you should know that squint eyes are very dangerous to eyes. For example, if you do it in a long time, it can make your eyes' muscle become stressed. And when this situation continues in a long period, it can also lead to eye strain. And then eye strain can lead to some eye diseases, such as the dry eyes, dark circles under your eyes, even the vision sight. Anyway, just pay more attention to it.