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Does anyone know who makes oliver peoples sunglasses?

Oliver peoples sunglasses look cool. Does anyone know who makes oliver peoples sunglasses? Are they expensive?
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  • Janice


    Well, yes, Oliver Peoples sunglasses are very cool and have high reputation in the world. They are kind of expensive, and created by renowned designer Larry Leight. And Oliver Peoples was founded in Southern California America. Because of elements of film, sport, fashion, and art in each eyewear frame made them enjoy a large celebrity consumer base. Many people will say that they are a timeless and iconic fashion style eyewear. Anyway, Oliver Peoples now has a prestigious reputation internationally for its quality glasses and sunglasses. And nowadays, they are made in Italy, but because of their good quality and perfect design, they are very popular. So for some people, even if they are more expensive than other types of sunglasses, they are still worth the money.
  • Ariana oliver


    Oliver Peoples is an eyewear manufacturer of glasses and sunglasses which is established in 1986 by Larry and Dennis Leight. The company was founded in West Hollywood and CA. It first appeared on the cover of German Vogue in 1987. The sunglasses of the oliver peoples are so fashionable at the appearance and excellent at the quality which receive a lot of people's favor. They are made in US with high quality which can be durable to wear for several years. Many celebrities like to wear the oliver peoples sunglasses. Although they are expensive, it is worthy for the price because of the quality and the design. If you want to by one at suitable price, you could go to the online stores to have a search. The quality there is just as same as those in the real stores.
  • Blanca C.


    Larry Leight, the Creative Director of oliver peoples.With a passion for surfing and travel, he sought a trade that would desplay his creativity as well as freedom. the history of it is very long, if you wanna know more about it, i will give you its official website as following. about its price, i would like to give you a website where selling the oliver peoples sunglasses.

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