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Can fatigue cause watery eyes?

Is it possible to get watery eyes due to fatigue? If so, How can i stop watery eyes?
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  • cruelladeville0


    There are many different issues that can cause watery eyes, such as dry eyes, conjunctivitis, foreign bodies, allergies and so on. And fatigue also can cause watery eyes. And it's very important to consider what's causing the watery eyes before seeking any form of treatment. Have a rest and regular life style if it is caused by fatigue.
  • gwynnie


    It’s possible that eye fatigue cause watery eyes. Your eyes tear because of the heavy strains on your eyes triggering your eyes to produce tears. Eye fatigue often caused by the over use of your eyes, such as watching TV or computer for a long time, driving for many miles or reading a lot. So remember to give some rests to your eyes when you are doing there things. As for how to stop watery eyes, first you have to find out the causes of your watery eyes. You need to be examined and your doctor will give you advices or treatment. There are many causes that can lead to watery eyes. If your watery eyes is caused by eye fatigue, it would be much easier, you just need to relax your eyes occasionally, then the symptom will be gone.
  • Robert ja


    yes, it is very possible to get watery eye because of fatigue. And it is said that the eyes are the center of fatigue of the whole body. If your eyes are tired, they may swell, be filled with tears and you may get blurred vision as well. If the situation is getting worse. You may vomit, be upset and get insomnia.You can check the other aspects of your health to see if you have some other symptoms to affect your daily life, for example, whether you feel upset and feel like you get cold. If you have the symptoms, your illness must be caused by fatigue. Besides, you may concern the illness of dry eyes. If you feel your eyes are tired and watery, you may have this kind of illness.To cure watery eyes, you should pay attention to the use of computer. Have a rest after 40 or 50 minutes of using computers. Besides, you need to do some eye exercise and use some eye drops.

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