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Is iphone bad for kids eyes?

Is it OK for kids to play iphone? Or it is bad to eyes?
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  • Jacqueline hall


    Well, it's hard to say yes or no. After all, there are always two sides to everything. On the one hand, there have so many good games which can benefit kid's intellect and proper entertainment will not cause kid's eye health. On the other hand, kids don't really understand "self-control" in an adult way. They just want to play as long as they can. As adults, we all hope to be a good mother or father. But parenting is hard work and maintaining a good connection with kids can be challenging. You should make arrangement beforehand and give correct guide, if your kid really likes playing it.
  • Faith fergus


    Yes, playing iphone is bad for eyes, especially terrible for kids' eyes. The side effects of playing iphone may include : 1. When your crystalline lenses are exposed to radiant heat produced by iphone, your eyes are more likely to form more blurred image. 2. Microwave radiation from iphone also make your crytalline lenses produce bubbles inside themselves. The bubbles are the omen of cataract and permanent eye damage. 3. If you look at the screen too closely, on the long run, you may develop myopia, dry eyes sydrome, keratitis, and so on. The situation gets worse when it comes to kids, as kids are still growing up and their physical conditions are not well developed yet.
  • chokeyourthroat


    All right, I think you are concerned about your kid's health. That is good. As a matter of fact, any one of the electronic devices on the market would give out certain amount of radiation to our eyes, leading to decreased vision and eye strain, etc.Therefore, you have to limit their use of iphones and get more healthy activities! Also take care of their rest and diet!