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Collin Wallace


Are dark circles under eyes permanent?

I suffered from dark circles. And i tried to reduce it with some home remedies. But it doesn't work. I feel so really upset. Are dark circles under eyes permanent?
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  • Melanie smith


    First of all, don not worry. Cause the dark circles under eyes is not permanent in reality, and there are various measures to get rid of it. Dark circles stem from the flow of capillary blood under the skin hindered is impeded around the eye as well as the melanin disorder. It's annoying and will make people seems tired and lacklustre. Thus it's better to remove it as soon as possible. Firstly, you must guarantee adequate sleeping time or dark circles will never be away from you. Besides, eating more natural foods, like carrot, tomato, beans, etc, which contain fiber and are rich in vitamin A and K is also a effective way to relieve the symptom. Moreover, choosing a mild eye cream and keep on wiping it every night is also a available choice. Follow these measures above, and your dark circles will disappear shortly after.
  • Steve


    Usually, dark circles are formed by bad lifestyle, imbalanced diets, and bad circulations, aging, allergy and so forth. These dark circles are not permanent, will be alleviated or disappear with proper treatment. However, sometimes they runs in family. In other words, they are an inherited trait. Some people are born with paler skin which is more transparent and makes the vein under your eyes more visible. If your dark circles are permanent or not depends on if you are born with them or developed them later. Here are the treatment for dark circles under your eyes. 1. Put sliced potato, cucumber, used teabag under your eyes. 2. Have better sleep. 3. Have a balanced diet. 4. Do more exercise to improve your blood circulation 5. Cure your allergy.
  • Chelsey


    Well, I can see that you are pissed off by those annoying dark circles, for they would really damage our images and confidence. Anyway, they are just temporary, which require some treatment. Generally speaking, they are resulted from a lack of sleep, bad use of eyes, staying up late, etc. Thus, you should make sure you no longer violate those principles and try to protect your eyes, and vitamin pills could be effective.

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