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Allison leslie


Can cataracts cause light sensitivity?

Is it very serious to suffer cataracts to the eyes? And how can it affect our eyes and vision? Will it cause sensitivity to light?
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  • Diane Bradstock


    Cataracts is a kind of serious disease that may lead to blindness. According to the statistics, cataracts almost occurred among people over 40. Generally speaking, cataract has little effect on our vision at first. You may feel your visions is becoming blurred. Gradually it can lead to sensitivity to light, and you may feel the light or sunshine is too glaring. With the conditions worsen, and you didn't get immediate treatment , blindness may happen. Cataracts surgery is effective in treating cataracts. By the way, Vitamin E is beneficial to avoid cataracts.
  • Catherine lewis


    Yes. It's serious if get cataracts. In the beginning, you may can't distinguish anything sometimes and find shadow in front of eyes once in a while. As time goes by, it can cause the vision of eyes going down, even worse, losing the vision of both eyes finally. What's more, it also cause sensitivity to light because Lens opacity enter eyes and make the vision of cataracts patient have different degree of defect. The Lens absorption enhancement in blue end of the spectunm of light make patient not be sensitive to these light colors. Then, patient feel afraid of light .To be frankly earlier the cataract is found and cured, less pain you will bear.
  • walkingbassline


    Yes, it is very serious for you to get the cataracts to the eyes which may have the high possibility to get blindness. It may affect your eyes and vision because of the unclear lenses. You may see things not clear. At the same time, it will cause your sensitivity to light. You'd better protect the eyes from the good habit of life and use of the eyes. You could also use the warm compress to make the eyes get moisture and get clear.

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