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Is mascara and eyeliner bad for your eyes

I like to use mascara and eyeliner to beatify my eyes. But my mom said it is bad for my eyes. So, i just want to know if mascara and eyeliner really bad for eyes?
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  • explosion_x3


    Sometimes they are really bad for eye health. Mascara and eyeliner are cosmetics which contain numerous chemical substances. These things may lead to eye infection provide that they are poor quality products and long time using. The best thing to do is clean up your make up everyday and apply some good skin protection products to prevent swellings and keep soften skin. Drink some honey water everyday to take some water supplements.
  • ejg29


    Although the mascara and eyeliner can beautify your eyes, they may contain the stimulating irritates which will make your eyes get itchy. You should not often use them. If you have to use them to beautify your eyes, you have to wash them clearly before you go to bed. You should keep the clean state of your eyes.
  • Eugenia W.


    It seems that you are very fond of those cosmetics, which could beautify yourself. However, no victory comes out without price. Since they are made of chemical stuff, they could be highly irritative and harmful to your eye health, leading to some infections if you handled badly,making you feel uncomfortable and suffer from infections. So I suggest that you try to use less of those products and make proper use of your eyes.

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