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May Yong


How to prevent my astigmatism from getting worse?

I have to work on computer about 9 hours a day.Will this make my astigmatism get worse?How to stop it from worsening?
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  • betty


    1. Take good care of your eyes, never put extra strain on your eyes to slow down the rate of worsening. 2. Wear eyeglasses that is exactly suitable for your present prescription. 3. Wear contact lenses with special care (stored properly, clean and in good shape). 4. Wear sunglasses when in bright light. 5. Wear computer glasses when sitting in front of television or computer screen.
  • Kimberly quick


    No evidence has showed that computer will make astigmatism get worse. To prevent astigmatism from getting worse, you should wear corrective glasses or contacts. Lasik surgery is a good way to correct astigmatism, which is very popular with many people in the last few years.
  • luis


    Computer use will not worsen your astigmatism,it can cause eye strain or other CVS.You can try some eye exercises to relax the eye muscles.Lasik surgery is a popular way to correct astigmatism nowadays.