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Alexander green


How can I tell if I have astigmatism or myopia?

I can see close up perfectly but when seeing far away objects,they are blurry.How is the vision like when one has astigmatism and also nearsighted?
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  • Angela tuener


    If you have myopia, then you will find things at distance blurry. If you have astigmatism, you will find objects blurry either at distance or near. To find out whether you have myopia or astigmatism, you should go to your eye doctor to have an eye test.
  • Alexander green


    Myopia and astigmatism are sometimes mistaken as one. It is because they almost have exactly the same symptoms. Myopia is a condition where in the projected image is formed inside the eye, not on the retina, whereas, astigmatism is the irregular curvature of eye lenses, thus developing blurry sight. Myopia Astigmatism or myopic astigmatism is an optical defect where in the vision is blurred due to the inability of the eye to produce image on the retina. The eye optics is incapable of projecting clear images in the retina. This is caused by the irregular curvature of the cornea or lens. It is difficult to know whether it is an astigmatism or myopia when it’s actually both eye problems. Several cases of myopia astigmatism have been mistaken as either myopia or astigmatism, because its symptoms are very alike. The thing that is not known to them is that they have both. You'e better have an eye exam, your eye doctor will tell you if you have astigmatism, nearsighted or both. Source:
  • Aaron may


    For people with astigmatism,they can't see both near and distant without squinting and there seems to be double image in their vision .Sometimes they may have eye strain or headaches.They have difficulty focusing on printed words and lines.But people with myopia can see things close up.For your case,it is possibly that you are having myopia.

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