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Christian scott


Can lasik surgery cure astigmatism?

I have heard that LASIK eye surgery doesn't apply to astigmatism,is that true?
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  • emptypayphone


    A simple astigmatism can easily corrected by wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses and having lasik surgery. LASIK Surgery for Astigmatism: The way in which surgeons correct astigmatism through LASIK is by flattening the steeper curve of the cornea. This helps to decrease the cornea's oblong shape and creates a more spherical form. In the procedure, laser pulses are precisely delivered to corneal tissue in the axis of the steeper curve. By decreasing the angle of the sharper curve and contributing to the overall spherical shape of the cornea, LASIK surgery enables the eye to focus light rays more efficiently, resulting in clearer, crisper vision. Source:
  • Mariah


    It is possible for laser surgery to treat astigmatism with current technology, which have different types, such as LASIK and PRK which can be used to treat astigmatism.
  • Armand


    It is not true.The astigmatism can also be corrected by lasik surgery.But before you get the surgery,you should know the complications of it.
  • eatmyhartout


    It is the misconception that LASIK eye surgery doesn't apply to astigmatism.By lasik surgery,it removes the corneal tissue that is not curved.But if you have a small degree you can wear regular contacts and glasses and it won't affect vision much.

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