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Are contacts more effective and comfortable for astigmatism than glasses?

I have been wearing glasses for a year with my astigmatism,but now I am considering to get contacts,will it be more effective than glasses?
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  • Susie Washington


    As I know that weak astigmatism with the power less than a SHP, cannot be corrected with contacts and an axis of 180° or 0° makes it harder to wear them. So I suggest you see an optometrist or ophtalmologist to know if you are candidate for wearing contact lenses.
  • Maye


    Generally speaking, low prescription of astigmatism cannot be corrected with contacts. However, you should see your optometrist and he will know whether you can wear contacts with your astigmatism or not. Personally, I prefer wearing glasses to correct my astigmatism.
  • misty C.


    Low-degree astigmatism can be corrected by contacts,but there is no study showing that contacts are more effective for astigmatism than glasses.You can ask suggestion from your doctor and determine which one is good for astigmatism.

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