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Alexander christian


How much do eyeglass lenses cost?

I am going to get new glasses...never had them before so I was wondering if anybody knew how much the lenses cost? both my eyes are -3.00. Just an estimate is fine too. tell me a price without all the fancy scratch resistant and whatever options you can get...just plain jane lenses.
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  • 04/12/2012

    The price of the eyeglass lenses varies depending on several factors, such as, the material of the lenses, the coatings of the lenses and some special add-ons. So you should go to the optical store to get the detail.
  • Pete


    This is really a good question but i can't give you exactly answer. You know, the price of the eyeglasses lenses depends on what type of lenses you choose and where you buy it. From your prescription, you can try 1.50 or 1.57 index lenses. And you may get 1.50 index lenses free if you buy eyeglasses frames from online shop such as But if you choose big framed eyeglasses, your may get thick prescription lenses. So, you are suggested to buy higher index lenses such as 1.60. I saw it at is $35.95. So, if you want know the cost for your eyeglasses, you are required to provide more information.