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John dale


Eyeglass lenses cut to small? Is their a gasket or something i could use to take up the slack?,

I had some prescription plastic lenses put in my eyeglass frames via an online optical company, Recently the lenses starting popping out, I took my frames to a optical store and they told me the lenses were cut to small, They said the only thing they could do is have them make new lenses for about $200.00!, I can still see fine through these lenses and don't feel like spending that kind of dough just to fill a 2 millimeter gap!, I really don't want to ruin the lenses or frames using super glue.
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  • 04/13/2012

    No. The only way is to get new lenses or a new pair of eyeglass.You can tell your store where you purchased the problem and ask for a refund or exchange. If they do not reply to you, just contact your credit card company and tell them the problem you have met, then they will try to get your money back. Remeber not to use any superglue.