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Do they make oakley sunglasses for kids?

I like to enjoy some outdoor activities with my son. So i want to buy a pair of oakley sunglasses to him. Will they make oakley sunglasses for kids?
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  • lampo


    Yes, of course, there are Oakley sunglasses which are designed for the children. As we know that Oakley sunglasses are the perfect sunglasses which are wildly used in outdoor activities. For example if you want to go outside to play basketball or go to the beach to have surfing, they will do a good job for you. And especially for your kids, since they have designed the Oakley sunglasses for the children, so you should not worry about the safety and many other things about them. Just take your kid to the store and purchase a pair, and then have a try.
  • Kevin lee


    For I known that they do not make oakley sunglasses for kids, for the kid's 3-7 years old, I can introduce you some glasses, the protection cycling biking style plastic acrylic frame unisex sunglasses, buy them for your kids to protect their eyes from harmful sun rays. The wonderful fashion accessory to compliment any outfit, wear them your kid will looks cool and cute, and the prices is much lower than oakley sunglasses, the prices is between 10~100 dollars.
  • walkingaround


    Yeah, there are some oakley sunglasses made especially for kids. However, compared with common brand ones, they may cost you a little more money. But it is worthy to buy because of the good quality. You should not let your kids to wear sunglasses for a long time because the kid's eyes are not developed maturely. Their recognition of lights needs to be developed under the stimulation of the lights. Thus, take off the sunglasses for the kids often, no letting him wear for more than an hour every time.