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Do square glasses look good on round faces?

I see an article online says that people shall choose eyeglasses frames that contrast to their face shape. So, do square glasses look good on round faces?
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  • Anthony cecil


    Well, as a matter of fact, the article you mentioned is just right, I mean, people really should avoid wearing glasses whose frame is in line with their facial structure you know? So, it seems that your face is round shaped, so, my advice for you is to consider square frames or butterfly shaped frames, they would make you appear more charming. Also, you should choose the right color, better yet, try them on until you find your one.
  • walkentall


    If you have the round faces, the square glasses will look good on you which may make the great contrast to your face shape. The round face may leave the impression of fatty one to people. If you wear the square glasses, it will decorate your round face and make it look a little pointed.


    Yes, people should choose the right frame which can match your face shape. In your situation, I think you should not wear the square frame for your round faces. Maybe you can try the round frame which can make your face look thinner and not so big. As we know that if you don’t choose a right frame, you will not look attractive. Also, the colors of the frame play an important role in the image of your face. So next time when you go to the store to choose a pair of glasses, you’d better pay much attention to the two factors. And you also can get some essential information from the professional person.