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Do black glasses look good on blondes?

My friends usually describe me with blondes. I want to buy a pair of eyeglasses right now. I wonder if black glasses look good one me?
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  • Kevin percy


    Yes, the black glasses will look good on you who are with blondes. Usually the black color is all matching. The blonde hair is fashionable. However, the black glasses will show a little calmness. I think the black glasses will be also matched with many colors of clothing and other accessories.
  • eduardoroxmisox


    Well, this is quite a subjective question actually. So, according to your description, you are a blonde and want to buy a pair of glasses. In fact, personally speaking, black framed glasses don't suit your hair's color, why not have a look at frames with lighter colors, blue, white or orange would make you look extremely gorgeous, oh, Jesus, I really fancy blondes you know, especially those with vivid framed glasses. Also, bigger frame will make you shining.
  • alva


    If you are a person of blondes, then your light colored skin and hair would nearly match every color of the glasses and clothes. It is the most easiest kind of person to make up. Black glasses will be wonderful for you to wear. However, if you are a young girl, the frame would not be too big, so it would give you some smart and cute impression other than introversive impression. You can be brave to try any color you love. Be brave, and be a popular people with the fashion and stylish. Good luck!
  • Zoe


    Technically, black eyeglasses look good on blondes. In fact, black color is the most easy match option. They can match almost any colored products. And i saw some blondes look wonderful with black colored eyeglasses. Personally, you shall also consider the style and design of the black eyeglasses so as to match your face shape and clothes style. And you will know after you trying a pair of black eyeglasses.
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