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What are the best designer sunglasses for men?

I plan to buy a pair of designer sunglasses to my boy friend. Can you tell me what are the best designer sunglasses for men? Thanks
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  • hanes3777


    Well, it seems that you are really considerate toward your boy friend. So, you should know the fact that there are various brands of sunglasses of different types available in the market, you have hundreds of options actually. As to which is the best, it depends on your boyfriend, his hairstyle, his facial structure and something like that. However, some sunglasses are good on men, Boss, Gucci and Armani are good alternatives. You should carefully choose before paying.
  • Luke oliver


    If you can afford to buy the big brand, the tiffany, gucci, ray ban and so on sunglasses will absolutely make you get satisfied. In addition, if you just want to buy the suitable priced ones, you can go to the famous common online stores to have a look, like the Walmart. The kinds there are many which may absolutely have your favor.
  • Savannah


    Designer sunglasses are designed by a specific person or company .Its purpose is to distinguish itself from other similar eyeglasses. Designer sunglasses are more expensive and look different compared to the ordinary eyeglasses. Ray Ban, Dior, Armani, are all famous designer sunglasses. If you want your boyfriend to look intellectual and fashion, I think you can try Ray sunglasses. It is metal materials and lightness. It is the symbol of fashion in the young men. Many stars also wear it, such as David Beckham, Victoria, Justin and so on.
  • Zoe Wang


    It is really difficult to tell the best sunglasses for men. To estimate a pair of sunglasses for men shall not only consider the design, quality of the sunglasses, but also the suitable match for men. For example, choosing suitable sunglasses, you shall consider their clothes style, face shape, skin color and hair color and style etc. A good pair of ray ban sunglasses are very cool for Tom Cruise, but they are not meaning that you will be cool with the sunglasses.
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