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Why are my eyes stuck together in the morning?

I got a hay fever, when i wake up, my eyes stuck together. What causes that? What should i do?
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  • cutechaldochick


    When you have a hay fever, you must lose a lot of water in your inner body. After a night of sleep, your eyes may become dry. The tear gland system which takes the responsibility of excretion will also go in disorder. That is why your eyes get stuck next morning. You'd better add some water and use the eyedrops to release the symptom.
  • gary


    There are two possibilities. First, if your eyes are just stuck together by eye-dirt but your eyes don't become red. It means your eyes are too tired in recent days. Remove your eyesight away from the computer screen and look at nature landscape. It is also a signal that balance of your body circulation is at the edge. Eating more fresh vegetable rich of vitamin will help. The second situation that your eyes are stuck together in accompany with red eyes. If so, you may suffer conjunctivitis. Go to see the doctor immediately and get some medicine.

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