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Why do I see colored dots?

After I have worked a whole day in front of my computer, I saw colored dots. can someone tell me why do I see colored dots? and how to prevent it?
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  • walgreens_1


    It can make you see colored dots, if you have worked too long and your eyes don't have a rest a whole day because of tiredness. Also it happens when you stare at a very bright light for a while. In addition, the same thing happens when you go from the dark to light, you goanna see many dots, but after minutes they will be gone. But don't worry too much about it, because it is normal.
  • evil_lanruoj


    It's common to see colored dots, so you don't have to worry about it. Usually, when you're in the light condition for a long time, suddenly you get into a dark room, you will see many colored dots, red, green, yellow etc. But if it often happens, and the symptom doesn't disappear after a few minutes, you'd better go to see an eye doctor. As for the prevention, I think you should let your eyes rest when your eyes get tired.