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Eric rupert


Can cataracts be removed from a macular degeneration patient?

I have macular degeneration and presbyopia because of aging. What’s more worse, i was detected cataracts last week. How can i treat it? I heard that surgery can cure cataracts . But does it available for me (a patient with macular degeneration )?
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  • Jessica


    I am really sorry to hear that, but I think it is possible to remove cataracts from a macular degeneration patient. Because cataract is a common disease, and many patients have been cured. Maybe your condition is a little special, but there's no survey says that cataract surgery has an adverse effect on macular degeneration. So don't worry about it.
  • carolmck


    Cataract and macular degeneration are developed with aging. Actually, I am not sure whether a cataract surgery will have an adverse effect on macular degeneration or not. However, I am sure whether you will have cataract surgery or not, your macular degeneration will become worse and worse. So considering your vision, I think you'd better cure your cataract first.

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