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What are good supplements for computer eye strain?

After long time of using computer, i get my eyes strained. But i still need computer for my work. So, Can you tell me what are some good supplements for computer eye strain?
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  • ellochkablecy


    If you have to sit in front of the computers for a long time every day, I suggest you to wear the computer glasses which will protect your eyes from the radiation of the computers. You could also prepare some teas which will release your tiredness of the eyes. You could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • Vanessa george


    Keep yourself full of water, then you are less likely to get strain eyes. Eight glasses a day may be adequate. And you need vitamin A, D, and E pills as the supplements. However, daily meal is always important, so you need to eat more fruits and vegetables. No matter what food you have, you need relaxation, and take a break every hour. Massage your eyes when they are strain. You may need artificial to relieve your eyes. By the way, put green plaints on your desk, they may be helpful as well.
  • Lex


    Ok, looks like you are concerned about your eye health. So, it is not too late for you to realize the importance of eye health. In short, if you have to work with computers, it would be wise for you to take some breaks from time to time, and get a healthy diet with some vitamin pills, also, green tea would be of great use to your health. In the meantime, eye drops would relieve those bad feelings.