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Diane Rhone


Can people with strabismus see 3d movies?

Is it OK to see 3d movies with my strabismus eyes? Is it bad?
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  • Michelle


    Of course not. Generally speaking, it is bad to see 3d movie for people who have strabismus. In common, people with strabismus may experience double vision and have little and usually not any 3D perception. So persons with strabismus are unlikely to have a good experience watching either polarized or anaglyph movies.
  • Kelley


    Yes, it is ok to see the 3d movies with your strabismus eyes. You could just wear your own eyeglasses and put the 3d glasses outside. Then you could see clearly the movies. You could just have a try. If you think the eyeglasses are too heavy, you could just use the hands to carry the 3d glasses.