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How to heal a red eye after a punch?

I get a red eye after a punch. It really hurts. How can i heal it?
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  • Andrea


    If the situation is serious, you'd better see a doctor for help. And if not, you can solve it by yourself at home. First, Get a bag of ice from refrigerator. Second, put this bag of ice over the area which is hurt. Third, do it for three to four times a day and ten to twenty minutes every time for the first week until your eyes looks much better.
  • Ryan evelyn


    Usually, people with a punch will get a black and bruise eyes. To help you reduce the black and bruise around the eyes and pain, you can take cold compress that can also reduce the puffiness around the eyes. If your eyes are hurt badly, you'd better consult a doctor. If it is not serious, taking more vitamin C that can help quick heal your eyes. Hope this can help you.


    I am sorry for your situation, because I used to get that, too. Anyway, you should try to get some cold and icy compress to your eyes for the first 24 hours. After that, it would be wise for you to apply hot compress to your eyes. Also try to get more rest and do not use your eyes too much. If the problem is terrible, you need to see a doctor and take medical treatment.