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Can eye drops hurt your eyes?

I use eye drops very often to make my eyes moisture. Can they hurt my eyes?
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  • Kelly gary


    Commonly, most of people use eye drops to relieve from dry eyes. And And eye drops can help them and didn't cause eye hurt. But there are many types of eye drops. Some of them are made for some eye diseases. If you use wrong eyes drops, it may cause irritated eyes. Just consult your eye doctor before you use the eye drops. As long as you use it in the right way, it won't cause any hurt for the eyes. Good luck.
  • Noah


    Oh, really? You can' t use eye drops too often and you had better stop using it right now. Do you know corneal damage? You really should get to know about this if you don' t. This can be very likely caused by over using eye drops, let alone expired eye drops. Your eyes can be hurt badly. So you had better not do that. I know that there are a lot of people who prefer to use eye drops a lot in many occasions, such as an eye injury, eye strain, and even just want to make eye look more shiny. This is really very stupid of them to do so and they really need to make some changes.