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Does eye strain cause nearsightedness?

Can eye strain cause nearsightedness or myopia?
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  • walkingrain


    Technically, it is impossible to get nearsightedness from eye strain. But if you keep continuous eye strain for a long time, it is probably cause pseudomyopia that misled people with myopia. If you treat the pseudomyopia immoderately, your eyes will recover for period of time. However, if you ignore it or treat it with prescription eyeglasses, it probably develop to myopia. So, even if common eye strain won't cause myopia, you shall take care of your eyes.
  • Wendy


    Wow, calm down, guy. It is not right that eye strain causes nearsightedness. On the contrary, sometimes nearsightedness can bring you eye strain. In nowadays, I think eye strain has already become part of my life now. And we need to pay more attention to it. But you don' t need to be too worried. Just take it easy. You should know that eye strain is inevitable in our life now so what you can only do is to get used to it instead of running away from it. However, in terms of this, I have some good ways for you to solve this, you might as well improve this situation by wearing glasses or contacts. And you can also improve this by getting a certain eye surgery, what do you think? Just relax, okay?