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Does myopia cause glaucoma?

It is said that myopia can cause glaucoma, is that true? What can we do to prevent this from happening?
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  • walkingthesky


    Yes, the people with myopia have a higher risk of glaucoma. I think you can improve your eyesight by keeping a healthy diet to provide your eyes with enough nutrients. You can do eye exercise regularly to relax your eyes especially when you need to work in front of a computer for a long time. You can have regular eye exams to prevent the disease from happening.
  • b3phoenix


    Till now, i didn't find any evidence that myopia cause glaucoma. Myopia is a type of vision problem that people can't focus distance object clearly, while glaucoma is a types of eye diseases that often occurs to older people. And glaucoma is often come with high eye pressure problems. And glaucoma can also be divided in to primary open-angle glaucoma, angle-closure glaucoma and normal-tension glaucoma. And the treatments for the different glaucoma is varied from each type of glaucoma. If you want to prevent glaucoma, you shall try to control your eye pressure. Hope this can help you.

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