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Isabel fergus


Why do my eyes keep watering when i'm sick?

Can you guys tell me why I usually get watery eyes when I am sick?
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  • Megan W


    Sometimes, it is normal to get watery eyes. But what diseases do you suffer? From you description, it sounds like you have a high fever. Usually, for people with high fever will get burning eyes, as well as watery eyes. If so, you shall try to reduce your body temperature that may help you treat watering eyes. Of course, irritation, allergy and infection and so forth can also cause watery eyes. So, you'd better check what sick you suffering so as to treat your watering eyes in a right way.
  • cody88


    I know it is hard to believe but it is true. In most cases, watery eyes are usually caused by dry eyes. Because our eyes are always easy to get an infection and which gets us dry eyes. As to dry eyes, one of its main symptoms could be watery eyes. Besides, it can also be caused by eye allergies. Just depends on your situation can I know what is going on with you. Actually, this not only happens when you are sick, it happens as well even when you are just tired. If this is the reason, you can just go to bed now, hahaha.

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