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What is it like to be color blind?

How do things look like for color blinded people? Do you guys have any ideas about this?
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  • charlene1o2


    Color blindness are describe people who have difficult to tell colors. In most cases, people with color blindness can see colors, but they can't tell red, green and blue colors. And a color blind people usually is born to be. Also, there is a possibility to get color blindness in latter life. For example, people may suffered from vision problems from glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, or diabetic retinopathy etc. Besides, an injury to the eyes or some medication factors can also cause color blindness
  • bell


    Do not think that color- blinded people can only see white and black, which is totally wrong. The so- called color- blindness just means that people can' t see or can' t tell certain kinds of colors. Personally, I don' t take it as disability. But I am pretty much sure that this must bother those people a lot when they try to match their clothes.