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Michelle percy


How to make computer screen better for eyes?

I heard that computer screen is really hurt eyes if you look at it too much time. So, can you tell me is there any way that can make computer screen better for eyes?
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  • b3hind_blu_eyes


    Yes, a long time use of computer can cause eye strain and can lead to squinting, dry eyes, and general discomfort. To avoid this, first you need to make your workspace comfortable and make sure the light level of the screen being low and diffused, with no glare. And try to put the windows on the side of you instead of being directly ahead or behind, which can minimize the glare. Have a try and good luck!
  • Jaime


    Prolonged computer use is actually harmful for eyes, which may cause eye strain, dry eyes, eye fatigue, blurry vision and sensitive to light, etc. Because the characteristics of computer screens and the visual demands of computer work make many people susceptible to eye problems. To better use of computer screen, there are some simple tips to prevent such problems caused by computer screen. Firstly, you can adjust the position of the monitor, too high monitor position would cause eye strains. So keep your monitor close than arm's length from your eyes. Secondly, you can remix your environment for brighter lighting. To avoid glare or shadows caused by nearby windows, and don't compute while facing an unshaded window or with dim lights. Thirdly, wear computer glasses. Computer glasses have the function of blocking radiation and protect eyes, you can choose a pair of suitable computer glasses for better computer screen. Fourthly, take regular eye break. You can do some eye exercises, or look away from your computer screen every 30 minutes and look into the distance after prolonged focus on screen. I hope these tips would be helpful.
  • ctakah4ik


    If you look at the computer for a long time with little rest, your eyes will get tired easily. What's worse, you will get short sighted easily. You could adjust the computer screen parameters to the suitable index which could make your eyes feel comfortable when looking at it, neither too bright nor too dark. You could then wear the computer glasses to protect your eyes.

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