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Can I get a black eye from wisdom teeth removal?

Is it possible that I get a black eye from wisdom teeth removal? Is this symptom normal? Do I need to worry about this?
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  • James green


    It is abnormal to suffer black eyes from wisdom teeth removal. So far, i never heard that remove wisdom teeth cause black eyes. And black eyes are usually caused by a hit or eye injuries that cause bruise eyes. Or some eye diseases may also cause black looked eyes. To treat the black eyes, you can apply cold compress to help you reduce discomfort around the eyes. If you have very serious eye hurt, you shall see a doctor for a better treatment.
  • Daniel


    NO, it is impossible to get black eyes from wisdom removal. In fact, teeth have no connection with a black eyes. And people my got black eyes from a hit by others, or they got a injury in accident. So, teeth removal shall not responsible for your black eyes. You shall know what happened to your eyes. If you can’t find any causes that response for your black eyes, you shall consult an eye doctor because it may caused by some serious diseases or eye infection etc.