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What is the difference between daily contact lenses and extended wear lenses?

I plan to buy contact lenses and i am think about daily contact lenses and extended wear lenses. I just want to know the difference between daily contact lenses and extended wear lenses? Any idea?
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  • evet


    Daily contact lenses, as the name implies, are only applied to wearing one day or one time. If you choose it, you have to buy many pairs of daily contact lenses and use change it everyday. Besides, the daily contact lenses are not recommended to wear for sleep. On the contrary, extended wear lenses allow you wear last for 30 days. And it will be safe to sleep with the extended wear lenses. So, i think, you can try extended wear lenses.
  • cutechaldochick


    First, you should know that the majority of wearers of soft contact lenses choose these daily disposables. They are easy to adapt to and being soft they are very comfortable. Of course, daily disposables are very easily torn, because they are for one-time use only. The other advantage to daily disposable contact lenses is that disinfecting or soaking is not necessary since they are sterile when they are delivered straight from the package and will not be re-used. On the other hand, for those who want to wear contact lenses overnight, extended wear lenses are the best choice as they are designed with that in mind. They require little or no cleaning and are available in tints and bifocals. If instructions are followed, there is very little likelihood of infection. But they also have fatal flaws. It will be infected easily. So they can damage your eyes if you ignore this kind of problem. In short, no matter which type of contacts you will choose, you'd better consult an eye doctor.