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What causes the sore eyes when reading?

I like to read novels. But recently i often get sore eyes while reading. What causes that? Can eyeglasses help me?
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  • carolmck


    From your description, The sore eyes are caused by the overuse of your eyes. So, you shall let a good rest of your eyes. To keep eye healthy, you shall take a regular break every hour while your reading. Besides, drinking some green tea also helpful to your eyes. If you are with perfect vision, wearing eyeglasses will do nothing to help you. If you are have poor vision, wearing a pair of prescription eyeglasses may helpful to release your eye tired.
  • ctc_youth


    Sore eyes (known as conjunctivitis) symptoms include red, watery and itchy eyes. In my opinion, reading for a long time may be the reason of your sore eyes. You'd better control your reading time avoiding the situation becoming more and more serious. Sore eyes are a contagious but common eye infection. There are also many other reasons which can cause sore eyes too. You should also pay much attention to them. Such as allergies, irritants (dust, make up, allergens, smoke), conjunctivitis (pink eye), eye strain from prolonged reading, computer use, fatigue, dry eyes, crying. Lacking of sleep and headaches can also cause eyes to feel sore. Quite often a warm or cool compress (wet cloth) placed over the eyes for a few minutes can help alleviate the soreness. Besides, you can not solve this problem through wearing eyeglasses. Having a good balance between your reading time and your rest time is the best way.
  • Miranda clark


    I think your case was caused by the eye fatigue. That is, you have been making your eyes work continually for a long time or even overtime. The main symptoms contain sore eye, burning eye, blurred vision, headache, dizziness of mind, inattention, general weakness, inappetence and insomnia etc. The people who are working on the careful job are easy to catch this disease, especially for the students, accountants, typists and tracer and so on. Of course, other persons with myopic eyes, hyperopia or stigmatism are also dangerous and at risk in this condition. Here have some methods can be followed. First, you are suggested not read overtime. After half an hour's working, you take a break to overlook, which may help relax the musculi oculi and relieve your eyes. Second, you try to find out the root cause of your condition. The sore eye often caused by the myopic eyes and astigmatism. You go to the hospital for a detailed check regularly and wear a pair of proper glasses to help correct your eyes. Third, you must be promised the good lighting when you are reading. Never read under the strong sunlight in the day. Never read in bed in the night. Develop a good habit to read and work. Your eyes can provide you with rich views of the world.

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