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James taylor


What will happen if lotion gets into eyes?

My eyes just got a little lotion. And my eyes fell painful. So, what will happen? Will it damages my eyes?
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  • Emma Ellingsen


    it happen to me and now i am blind and i am using brail to write this.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Please do not worry about it. It will not do harm to your eyes. However, it will cause temporary sting or red eye, or you will feel painful. When you accidentally get the lotion into your eyes. You need to rinse your eyes with tap water immediately. Repeated it until you feel comfortable. If you get blurry vision or any pain in your eyes, please seek for immediate medical attention. Hope this helpful.
  • Luke oliver


    It is really hurts. I experience it too. You shall wash your eyes with clean water once the lotion gets into your eyes. Besides, Whether the damages your eyes depending on what type of lotion. Usually, for common used lotion, though you may feel pain and uncomfortable, It won't cause too much damages only if you clean your eyes immediately. If there are some strong lotion, you may need help from eye doctor too.
  • Michelle percy


    Eyes will be uncomfortable if lotion gets into eyes. Flushing with plenty of water generally no problem and the next day the eyes should be just fine. But if a lot of lotion gets into the eyes at that time and symptoms are heavy, antibiotic eye water is necessary after washing your eyes.
  • Jessica


    First, you should wash your eyes with water as soon as quickly. After you have flushed your eyes out for at least 10 minutes, you can check it by yourself. Then there should be a number you can call on the back of the item if you have any complications such as this. If your eyes are burning even if you have flushed it out with water then you should see a doctor. So, you should not be too worried about your situation. I think if you can do it in a right way, it will be fine. Besides, you'd better know that lotion is very strong chemicals, and they can do a lot of damage to your eyes. So when you make up, be careful to avoid let it into your eyes.
  • Kylee


    Don't worry it's fine depending on what lotion it happened to me no red eye no sting just itching I had allergies