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Mackenzie raphael


Has anyone used Gunnar gaming/computer glasses/other glasses?

I'm looking at buying a pair of Gunnar gaming glasses to wear when I play my xbox since my eyes are frequently bloodshot and tired after a few hours of play and also because I work on a computer for more than 6 hours every day (probably 10+ if you count homework). Any advice? Is Gunnar a good product? Does it work?
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  • 04/14/2012

    It is better for you to get a pair of computer glasses as you work on the computer more than 6 hours per day . Computer radiation do much harm to the eye that in the beginning of radiation our eyes cannot escape the symptoms of fatigue, inflammation, lachrymation, pricking and so forth. Then after having suffered from computer radiation for long, our eyes would be stricken by conjunctivitis , keratitis , cataract , glaucoma , retinal detachment, astigmatism, color blindness , etc. If the condition deteriorate, we will lose our sight. so it is good for you to take anti-protective approach to protect your eyes from radiation .