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How long does photosensitivity last after cataract surgery?

It is really troublesome that i got photosensitivity after a cataract surgery. My surgeon said it is temporary symptom. It will disappear after i recover from the surgery. So, How long does photosensitivity last after cataract surgery?
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  • Mariah shelley


    Yes, what the doctor says is right. The symptom of photosensitivity after the cataract surgery is a temporary symptom. It may be lasted for one week or two weeks which is depended on the physique of everyone. You should have the good rest for the eyes, avoiding the use of computers and tv. Then you will find that this symptom will get release.
  • David cook


    As far as I can see, the recovery section may cost you several months, and during these months you have to protect your eyes carefully. First of all, you need wear sunglasses every time when you go out, and try not making yourself tired every day. Just remember, the fatigue will make your eyes recover slowly. One thing is clear, your photosensitivity will occur later when you finally recover. You cannot totally get rid of it. But there still some methods to avoid it as soon as possible. First of all, you have to resist overuse your eyes, then eat nutritious foods, and do message to your eyes when you have spare time.
  • Brandon


    Cataract surgery is a common procedure used to treat cataracts that are affecting your daily activities. As a result of this, residual refractive error after cataract surgery might cause photosensitivity. Thus, what your surgeon have said is right. It will disappear after you recovery from the surgery. Photosensitivity after surgery should not be permanent since you've just had the surgery. Generally speaking, you have to understand that in most cases this is just a temporary thing and it will pass after several days. You should take it easy for the first two or three days after the operation. After that, photosensitivity will disappear. And your eyes will get back to normal. Remember to wear ultraviolet protecting sunglasses whenever there is risk for bright natural light because it will help you recover sooner.

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