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misty C.


What are good home remedies for deep sunken eyes?

Are there any good home remedies for deep sunken eyes? Please give me some advices?
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  • b3st_deceptions


    Yes, there are some good home remedies for deep sunken eyes. You could drink more and eat more food with vitamin A and C to moisture the eyes. You could also use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to make the sunken eyes get release. You should keep on doing this.
  • Angelica christian


    Sunken eye is an age-related eye problem, we could use some home remedies to relieve it. One good method is you can apply raw potato or cucumber slices over your eyes for 20 minutes. At the same time, you should maintain drink about 8 glasses of water to keep hydrated, because dehydration is one of the main causes of sunken eyes. On the other side, you can intake vitamin K to improve blood flow. But you should decrease intake vitamin A if you have sunken eyes, it could make the skin to darken. What is a more, hot and cold compress are also good remedy for sunken eyes. You can start with a hot compress on your eyes for 10 minutes, then exchange to cold compress for another 10 minutes. You can do these steps for 2 to 3 times each day.
  • Jonah


    Sunken eyes usually mean you have an unhealthy and exhausted appearance. And there are some home remedies I can give to you.First of all, diet is very helpful to remedy your sunken eyes. You can increase the intake of foods that are high in carotene content.Second, some mood food like fruits and low fat dairy products can improve your sleep, which in return, can reduce your sunken eyes.Third, you can use local application. Use some slice of potato or cucumber, some fresh juice.Fourth, the way of alternate hot and cold compress can also be helpful.

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