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What are home remedies for watery eyes due to cold?

I got watery eyes due to cold. Is there any good way to help me? What are some good home remedies for my eyes?
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  • Diane Rhone


    Watery eyes are a typical symptom of cold, which is mainly caused by virus or bacteria. Hence, there are a few effective ways to treat watery eyes as well as cold. Firstly, the cold makes vitamin C lost in your body, thus you have to intake additional vitamin C as supplement for treating watery eyes. Or you can mix lemon that honey in warm water and drink it because them are rich in vitamin C. It benefits for quickly relieving the cold symptoms, including watery eyes. Another good way is placing green tea bags over each eyelid for 20 minutes that contains soothing healing properties and vitamin C. It is helpful if your watering eyes are caused by a cold.
  • elizabethandzoe


    Once you get cold, the immune system of your body will decrease. Your eyes may get the bacterium which will cause it get watery with no control. Thus, you'd better use the medicine with the role of anti-inflammation. You could use the eye drops to get the bacterium out of the eyes. You could also use the warm cloth to cover on eyes to make the eyes feel comfortable.
  • Cary Green


    It seems your body is not very strong. So, as to your question, I'd say, there are some ways to tackle this problem. In the first place, you can choose to sleep in a warm bed with thick bedsheet. Also, try to drink plenty of hot water with pills. Next, what you need is adequate sleep and rest. I believe that in a few days, you will be recovered, just pay more attention to your eyes.

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