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What are eye exercises to reduce wrinkles?

Are there any eye exercises that can help to reduce wrinkles? If so, can you tell me some eye exercises to reduce wrinkles?
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  • Dixie Mentry


    You could just use the fingers to touch on the temple position rhythmically. You should keep on doing it every day. You should do it gently. At the same time, you could adopt some essential oil on the skin to make the eye surrounding parts get absorbed. When the eyes surrounding skin gets moisture, you will reduce the wrinkles to some degree.
  • Mya harris


    The most effective way is doing a daily facial exercise to tighten the skin, including the skin around your eyes. You need close your eyes and arch your eyebrows in a high position, then hold them for 10 seconds. After that, use your middle finger to massage the eye area from the right to the left smoothly. You should do this exercise three times daily. At the same time, you should avoid rub your eyes at any time. On the other side, you can place chilled cucumber slices over your eyes to tighten your skin as well. Additionally, remember not exposure your skin in the sunny days to avoid the increase of eye wrinkles.
  • ccrazybeautyful


    Yes, there are some eye exercises that can help to reduce wrinkles. Here I can introduce two of those to you. First. Cheek exercise. You can get muscles on your cheeks and sides of your face, thus you can have a more youthful appearance since the muscles can prevent sagging around the sides of the nose and mouth. Second. Forehead exercises. If you forehead muscles are strengthened, your eyebrows can be raised high without engaging your eyes.

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