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What diseases can you get in your eyes?

What diseases will u get in ur eyes?
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  • rommel abad


    It is really difficult to tell what eye diseases will u get since i have no idea about your healthy condition, If you have very poor immune systerms, you poaaiblly suffered from CMV retinitis. Besides, pink eyes is also the common eye diseases occurs to most of people. So, you shall keep your eyes clean in your daily life to prevent pinke yes. In addition, if you have Diabetes, you may suffered from Diabetic Retinopathy. Still, eye herpes, glaucoma, keratoconus, and macular degeneration may also happen to some people. So, if you have any discomfort, you shall consult an doctor for sure.
  • Ariana oliver


    Well,in our whole life,we more or less will get some kinds of eye diseases such as an eye infection, an eye inflammation or some other kind of eye diseases.Personally,what I usually get is glaucoma,astigmatism and so on.First of all,u need to have a good mind.U should know that it is really very common that u will get some kinds of eye diseases in ur life and u just treat them in a right manner.Anyway,if u really feel very uncomfortable,I suggest u to see an eye doctor.

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