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Can ear infection cause lazy eye?

I am told that ear infection can cause your lazy eye, is that true?
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  • Luke oliver


    Ear infection have no connect with lazy eyes. But if you ignore ear infection, you may suffered from "lazy ears". While lazy eyes, also called strabismus, is the imbalance in the muscles responsible for positioning of the eyes. And people with lazy eyes can be treated by surgery. Besides, wearing eye patch is also a good way to train the lazy eye. Anyway, if you wear suffered from ear infection, just treat it immediately.
  • walkmen123


    I think ear infection will not cause lazy eye. Lazy eye can be called amblyopia. It is a developmental problem in the brain. Lazy eye can be caused by strabismus which means the muscles that position our eyes are unable to function normally. And it can be caused by anisometropic amblyopia or stimulus deprivation amblyopia too. If you have lazy eyes you must see an eye doctor immediately.