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How to make a guys eyes stand out?

I want to make my eyes stand out. Do you have any idea?
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  • coulisse_16


    If you want to make your eyes stand out, you could wear the colored contact lenses. You could choose the amazing color, like green, dark blue or other obvious colors. The colored contact lenses will make your eyes look big and shining. The eyes with colored contact lenses will look so attractive. You could have a try.
  • Alexander david


    Eyes being one of the most important facial features, you can communicate with others and let people know your emotions through eyes. However, you may not have been born with big eyes or deep blue eyes with thickest eyelashes, so your eyes need a little help to stand out and to be noticed. First, use makeup techniques to make your eyes stand out. When doing make ups, you should take your eye shape and color into account. Usually, black liquid eyeliner and smokey eye with brown and dark grey would make your eyes outstanding and more beautiful. Besides, brown and taupe shadows also work great. Second, if you don't want to do some make up, you can choose a pair of suitable glasses to make your eyes stand out. As your eyes are not noticeable, you can buy more highlighter glasses to help you, such as fashionable vintage glasses, smooth round glasses and so on. Additionally, you can choose fresh and bright colored frames to help you. Third, make sure have enough sleep, intake some fish oil to make your eyes bright and healthy. I hope these ideas could be helpful.

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