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Can strep throat cause red eyes?

Is it possible to lead to red eyes from strep throat? If not, why my eyes red when i suffer strep throat?
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  • Allison walker


    Yes, it is very possible for you to get red eyes from strep throat because the throat and eyes nerves are interlinked. However there are many side effects of strep throat which could also cause the redness of the eyes. The strep throat is a kind of streptococcus infection of respiratory tract disease which is mainly for sore throat. When you have the strep throat, you could also have a fever and the uvula white pus bolt. Neck lymph node enlargement with tenderness or other respiratory symptoms stress strain out and virus infection is the cause of the disease streptococcus sore throat. The better use is the conventional drug therapy for antibiotic fast and reliable. If it has no treatment, the disease can cause serious complications. You should treat it as soon as possible. If you get the red eyes, you could use the eyes drops to release the symptom. You could also do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • cnpriest


    Yeah, strep throat usually caused by bacteria and virus. Pain, uncomfortable with throat, feeling of something matter occur gradually. This is easy to lead to eye infection, especially red eye and pink eye. No matter which kind of eye problems you suffer, pain, redness and lightly sensitive to light may happen. Do not rub your eyes with anything, or more fungus will be increased in your eyes.